General Update 002

Hey all, things have been insane lately. A very important member of the Deus Omega family has broken their shoulder quite severely three weeks ago they've now had surgery and are now recovering, but as a result recording came to a grinding halt and only now are we returning to our hectic schedule. We are slowly getting back in to the process and recording more guitar tracks, its going to take some time for things to return to normal.

It has been a very stressful few weeks and there's still a ways to go before it all settles down, but things are on the way and the music is still sounding awesome. I am hoping to post a vid of some guitar rehearsals next week but I cannot guarantee this as things are still very much in the air right now. We will be posting some photos of the recording process to Facebook very soon as things pick up a bit and the title of the new album will be revealed in the near future so there's a bit to look forward to, along with all that we are looking into running a competition where you could potentially win some free swag, mostly merch and maybe a couple of signed CDs.

well this is about where I'll leave it for now, bit of a brief one for today but there will be more news soon and thanks for listening (or reading as it were) and enjoy the upcoming content.

Bye for now,

Alex Omega