General Update 001

Hey all, got some news on the recording process, though we're are still tracking guitars at this point the songs are really starting take shape. at the moment there are about eight songs completed for drums and guitar and they are sounding phenomenal, especially when I go back and listen to the original demos a lot of the untapped potential has been realised to some degree, though it is still early and there's a long way to go.

Also we've been looking into further developing the underlying themes and scapes of the new album, the idea is to add an expanded and deeper atmosphere to the sonic theatre. Most of all this has been happening through experimenting with different instrumentation and generally misusing most of those instruments to build something unique, been having some fun with that also.

On top of all this we've been contemplating a title for the album and I can inform you all we have made the decision and the album now has a title but I can't share that yet, there will be an announcement on that in a couple of months. Now to wrap this up we are currently looking at artists for the cover art for the release and we have some ideas for said artwork, also in the works is a video for one of the songs though that is in the very early stages.

In closing a lot is happening at HQ and within the Deus Omega camp and yes the album will be out by christmas, that covers it all for now,

Alex Omega