Guitar Tracking Has Begun

Well we wrapped up drum tracking last week and we have officially started tracking guitars, getting the meat of the music attached to the skeleton. We haven't yet picked a title for the album yet but some ideas are being kicked around, most of the recording thus far has been at Deus Omega HQ and probably the rest of it will be too.

I know the website has been down for quite a while, this was mostly due to our prior hosting provider which sucked but we moved on from that and now we're putting everything back together so keep in mind there may be a few teething issues. Now we're kicking it up on square space which seems to be the best choice for right now, hopefully you folks will like the new website.

It may have been said already but I'll say again we have huge plans and a metric fuckton of ambition for this new album, we started this process late 2015 by writing new material and putting together demos which continued until the february this year with a track count at thirty. There were some hard choices to make to try and eliminate some of the less strong tracks so we don't have record thirty songs... we only tossed four songs. We are just so in love with the new material.

Thats pretty much all I have to say for now, so until next time,

Alex Omega