“The” Announcement

Hello all the day of the big news has arrived, finally. That’s right folks the release of the new album is officially happening yay, and I have all the details for you. First things first, the title, which is (after much deliberation) In Absentia Of Light. Now as for the release date that will be the 20th of march 2018, trust me its going to be epic and I guarantee you will not hear anything else like it anywhere else. 

As for where you can get it, well it will be on iTunes and Amazon mp3 as well as physical cd also on amazon and as far as streaming goes it will be on both Apple Music and Spotify. I have a few more details still to go, such as it will be a double album and an epic one at that and you can check out the album art here on this site and I will be posting it to facebook also so keep your eyes peeled for that. 

In other news we are working on a video a Deus Omega retrospective of sorts a look back at the path that lead to this point, that will happening in the next couple of weeks so be on the look out for that. All in all a lot is going on and there’s just a couple things left to address then we’re all sorted, and thanks for the patience.

Now for the last pieces, yes I have testicular cancer and I’ve had the tumour removed and am currently recovering from the surgery and so far its going well and there will be a lot more Deus Omega in the future because I am not leaving this earth until I’m good and ready. For now that’s it this post is over you can go home... go on its okay, oh and on your way hit the like button over here.