“The” Announcement

Hello all the day of the big news has arrived, finally. That’s right folks the release of the new album is officially happening yay, and I have all the details for you. First things first, the title, which is (after much deliberation) In Absentia Of Light. Now as for the release date that will be the 20th of march 2018, trust me its going to be epic and I guarantee you will not hear anything else like it anywhere else. 

As for where you can get it, well it will be on iTunes and Amazon mp3 as well as physical cd also on amazon and as far as streaming goes it will be on both Apple Music and Spotify. I have a few more details still to go, such as it will be a double album and an epic one at that and you can check out the album art here on this site and I will be posting it to facebook also so keep your eyes peeled for that. 

In other news we are working on a video a Deus Omega retrospective of sorts a look back at the path that lead to this point, that will happening in the next couple of weeks so be on the look out for that. All in all a lot is going on and there’s just a couple things left to address then we’re all sorted, and thanks for the patience.

Now for the last pieces, yes I have testicular cancer and I’ve had the tumour removed and am currently recovering from the surgery and so far its going well and there will be a lot more Deus Omega in the future because I am not leaving this earth until I’m good and ready. For now that’s it this post is over you can go home... go on its okay, oh and on your way hit the like button over here.

General Update 03

Hey all, got news for all of you. Vocals are done and we are now finishing the mixing and mastering process, the songs are sounding incredible. We've put so much into this album and it is fantastic to hear how all that effort paid off, now that all is said and done we are ending a two year project and lifting a massive weight off of our shoulders. 

On to other news, we are still working on a title for the release plus it will be a double album so there will be plenty to rock out to and on Monday we will be looking into artist for the cover art. This album is the most ambitious and unique release we've done as wells as the best and we are immensely proud and can't wait to share some of the tracks prior to release so keep your eyes and ears open because it won't be long. Also we've had to push the release date back a bit to compensate for some unexpected developments even though we wanted so desperately to have it out by Christmas, now it looks like it will be out early next year.

Well it would seem that's all that needs to be said for now so keep on keeping on…

General Update 002

Hey all, things have been insane lately. A very important member of the Deus Omega family has broken their shoulder quite severely three weeks ago they've now had surgery and are now recovering, but as a result recording came to a grinding halt and only now are we returning to our hectic schedule. We are slowly getting back in to the process and recording more guitar tracks, its going to take some time for things to return to normal.

It has been a very stressful few weeks and there's still a ways to go before it all settles down, but things are on the way and the music is still sounding awesome. I am hoping to post a vid of some guitar rehearsals next week but I cannot guarantee this as things are still very much in the air right now. We will be posting some photos of the recording process to Facebook very soon as things pick up a bit and the title of the new album will be revealed in the near future so there's a bit to look forward to, along with all that we are looking into running a competition where you could potentially win some free swag, mostly merch and maybe a couple of signed CDs.

well this is about where I'll leave it for now, bit of a brief one for today but there will be more news soon and thanks for listening (or reading as it were) and enjoy the upcoming content.

Bye for now,

Alex Omega

General Update 001

Hey all, got some news on the recording process, though we're are still tracking guitars at this point the songs are really starting take shape. at the moment there are about eight songs completed for drums and guitar and they are sounding phenomenal, especially when I go back and listen to the original demos a lot of the untapped potential has been realised to some degree, though it is still early and there's a long way to go.

Also we've been looking into further developing the underlying themes and scapes of the new album, the idea is to add an expanded and deeper atmosphere to the sonic theatre. Most of all this has been happening through experimenting with different instrumentation and generally misusing most of those instruments to build something unique, been having some fun with that also.

On top of all this we've been contemplating a title for the album and I can inform you all we have made the decision and the album now has a title but I can't share that yet, there will be an announcement on that in a couple of months. Now to wrap this up we are currently looking at artists for the cover art for the release and we have some ideas for said artwork, also in the works is a video for one of the songs though that is in the very early stages.

In closing a lot is happening at HQ and within the Deus Omega camp and yes the album will be out by christmas, that covers it all for now,

Alex Omega

Guitar Tracking Has Begun

Well we wrapped up drum tracking last week and we have officially started tracking guitars, getting the meat of the music attached to the skeleton. We haven't yet picked a title for the album yet but some ideas are being kicked around, most of the recording thus far has been at Deus Omega HQ and probably the rest of it will be too.

I know the website has been down for quite a while, this was mostly due to our prior hosting provider which sucked but we moved on from that and now we're putting everything back together so keep in mind there may be a few teething issues. Now we're kicking it up on square space which seems to be the best choice for right now, hopefully you folks will like the new website.

It may have been said already but I'll say again we have huge plans and a metric fuckton of ambition for this new album, we started this process late 2015 by writing new material and putting together demos which continued until the february this year with a track count at thirty. There were some hard choices to make to try and eliminate some of the less strong tracks so we don't have record thirty songs... we only tossed four songs. We are just so in love with the new material.

Thats pretty much all I have to say for now, so until next time,

Alex Omega